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Best 55 inch Sony 4k TVs

Best 55 inch Sony 4k TVs

Posted By on Jan 21, 2016

  1. Sony X900C

The thinnest 4K TV Sony has built, this 55” ultra-slim Ultra HD 4K television provides breathtaking picture quality whether you are watching television, an action film, or gaming.

The X900C series is only 4.9mm thick (or should I say thin)—this achieves an unheard of mixture of functional and form beautifully. Sony’s edge-coating technology allows the display’s flush surface to essential make the bezel invisible. The image on screen appears to float, making the viewer forget that they are looking at a television screen—the stunning 4K almost literally pops from the screen in native 4K.

You truly have to see how thin this 55” flat screen is in profile view to believe it. Due to the ultra-slim design, you can simply place your 4K TV on the wall with a U-shaped bracket, which is tiltable and versatile, allowing you to tilt the TV in the direction you want.

If you wish to place it on a stand, the included 2-position stand allows you to adjust the feet that support the TV depending on the width of the surface you place your TV on—for example, you can attach the feet at the very ends of the bottom of the television set if you have a wide surface as wide as your television set—or, if you are placing your Sony TV on a surface that is not as wide as the TV, not to worry, you can adjust the feet, so that they support the television more towards the center of the screen, so you can fit this TV nearly anywhere.

With a 4K Processor X1, this chip brings a picture quality that is stunning. This chip analyzes and upscales every source to the best 4K resolution possible, from TV broadcasts, to DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K internet videos. The X1 also allows for Precision Color Mapping, which optimizes colors individually in real time and provides natural and rich results on screen.

Whatever you are watching with the X900C, you will view it in a life-like and incredible resolution. This will make action movies and your favorite TV shows even more entertaining than they were in regular HD.

This extraordinarily thin and high-tech 55” 4K Smart TV by Sony is probably the most impressive 4K television out there. The X900C is a new and exciting series, and starting at $1,699, it is within reach for those who want to go above and beyond the normal 4K televisions, but do not want to spend more than two thousand dollars.


  1. Sony X850C

The Sony X850C offers a 55” 4K, Ultra High Definition display that will impress and entertain. Available in 55”, 65” and 75”, this 3840 x 2160 UHD television also contains a Triluminos Display. This display is fantastic and highly-recommended for those who are looking to upgrade to a 4K television. It is compatible with 3D Blu-ray with active 3D glasses and it supports streaming and apps.

With Android TV, you can experience a smarter TV, where you can enjoy content from your smartphone or tablet on the big screen, and enjoy the array of applications and content available (such as Google Play).

The X850C uses Direct LED as the backlight and includes Motionflow XR 960, which assists the 120Hz refresh rate to improve clarity, precise motion, and allowing the viewer to watch action sequences without blurring.

This 55” 4K TV by Sony also streams in 4K when the content being streamed from app services such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu, if filmed and streamed in 4K. For content that is HD (1080p), the X850C will upscale it to 4K Ultra HD.

The X850C uses the 4K processor X1, which if intended to create precision color mapping. With this chip, you get a stunning picture quality. This is achieved via the X1 because it intelligently analyzes and upscales to the best of its ability, up to 4K resolution. This includes television shows, Blu-ray, DVDs, to 4K videos, 4K streaming, and 4K images. The clarity and lifelike colors and contrast excel in this model by Sony.

Lastly, for PS3 gamers, you can actually stream Play Station 3 games directly to your TV and play. All you have to do is connect a Dual Shock 4 controller to the Sony X850C and just as you would stream a TV show, you can play your PS3 games via streaming—no console needed


  1. Sony X810C

The Sony X810C is a mentionable 55” 4K TV that deserves the number three spot on this list, because this 4K Smart flat screen is more affordable for those looking to take their first step into 4K television, while offering the quality that is expected for an Ultra HD TV.

At a price of $999.99, this 55” Sony is an energy efficient and affordable, slim 4K TV that is comparable in price to some regular 1080p HD televisions with less features. The incredible price does not compromise the 4K quality, making the X810C an excellent choice for those who want to save some money.

As with the other Sony 4K televisions, the X810C includes the 4K Processor X1 chip, which enhances clarity, color, and contrast with the intelligent analyzing and upscaling of every source it displays to 4K quality (or the best 4K resolution it can if it is a DVD or 1080p stream). This brings a life-like quality to the big screen that is comparable to the more expensive models. With true native 4K resolution, this Smart TV does not skip the details. The X1 processor also uses Noise Crusher, Flat Area Detection, and Super Resolution, which work together to maintain both upscaled and native content with natural-looking and breathtaking clarity.

With every color enhanced with the Precision Color Mapping curtesy of the X1 processing chip, this 4K TV optimizes colors individually in real time, just like the more expensive Sony models do. This goes beyond the conventional color enhancements of the competitors and allows every pixel to display as perfectly as possible.

The Smart TV functions are also included in the X810C model. With Bravia meets Android TV, you can stream movies from Netflix, TV shows from Hulu, social media apps such as Facebook or Twitter, and a host of other apps and Wi-Fi connected features. HEVC is a new standard for streaming 4K video broadcasts with minimal loss in quality and this 55” Sony television has it.

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“High technology on the film cannot replace real actors and it is unlikely that it will become the dominant part of cinema”.

This is the sentence that we hear from some of the movie critics, but is it like that? We face ourselves with more rapid technological progress than we could have ever imagined, so we shouldn’t be surprised if computers imagery become actors of the future.

Avatar brought revolution in film making and most of its characters are computer made. James Cameroon, director of Avatar, said on one occasion: “Actors ask me if we’re trying to replace them, but it’s not just about that. What we’re trying to replace is the five hours we spent in the makeup chair” Avatar gained the title of most expensive movie in the history of film making, it is estimated that on its creation was spent more than 500 millions of dollars, but later he busted all box offices.

The long wait for the birth of the latest generation of special effects and computer-generated images is also related to the famous director of ” Star Wars ” – George Lucas. Whether due to pressure from the fans or because of inadequate technical achievements, the facts are that Lukas continued his big hit after sixteen long years.

 Not far from the truth, seemingly incredible fact that we will not need actors for the films of the future, is that Cameroon literally waited for the technological progresses. How would we else explain that he had the story of “Avatar, ” in his mind back in the mid-nineties. When in 1999 James Cameroon offered the script for this movie to the studious, they refused its implementation because it was expensive for everything that director intended.

The character of Gollum from ” Lord of the Rings ” convinced him that revolution of new generation of special effects has progressed sufficiently to be able to embark its implementation of ” Avatar.”

Visual effects company ” Weta Digital”, owned by director Peter Jackson who also created Gollum from ” Lord of the Rings” – the first computer animated actor who was awarded withthe best digital role, convinced Cameroon that the animators could convert every detail on its starting characters from ” Avatar” because there aren’t some major differences between Gollum and Na’vi.

The first film which featured a computer-generated image is “The Abyss,” it was also directed by James Cameroon, on the movie appears water snake, which is computer made, on its creation participated the most famous studio for special effects, ” Industrial Light and Magic “, owned by George Lukas.

While people portend harsh future for the actors because they are going to be, if we consider the latest Hollywood blockbusters, replaced by computer- generated characters, it is unlikely that this will actually happen if one knows that movie stars are the one that are selling the movie and because of them crowd goes in cinemas, but time will only tell.

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