This area of our site is where you will find our special freebies especially chosen for our members.
Be sure to check back often since this area is expected to grow with time. ;o)

  • PSP 8 Scripts

    "Willy" (yes this is the same Willy that belongs to Guess Who and mouse!) has been generous enough to give us 10 of his outstanding scripts for PSP 8. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before downloading and installing if they are not placed in the correct folders they will not work! ;o)

  • PSP Custom Brushes

    Some of our members have been playing around making PSP Brushes and have placed them here for your download and enjoyment.

  • PSP Tubes/PI Stamps

    These Tubes have been generously donated by some of our members for your enjoyment.

  • PSP Frames

    These Frames have been created and generously donated by some of our members.

  • Textures - Tiles

    As with our tubes these Textures/Tiles have been donated by our members. Our own CarolUK gave us her Tartans which are just gorgeous!

  • PSP - Gradients

    Here are some beautiful Gradients for your enjoyment, also donated by members.

  • PI - Gradients

    Here are some outstanding PI-Gradients for your enjoyment, created by our own CarolUK.

  • Common Filter DLL's

    In order for filters to work on your system, you will need MSVCRT10.DLL in your windows/system file. Some filters also require PLUGIN.DLL - both of these are ZIPped and ready to download.

  • Fonts

    These Fonts have been generously donated by some of our members for your enjoyment.

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